Disciplinary: Four players charged

17th August 2017, 14:19


Disciplinary: Four players charged

Following last weekend's fixtures, the following players have been charged by the match review panel: 

Ben Moores (Rochdale Hornets) Grade B Other Contrary Behaviour (EGP not available)

Gareth Potts (Dewsbury Rams) Grade B Dangerous Contact (EGP not available)

Gareth Potts (Dewsbury Rams) Grade A Kicking (EGP not available)

Bastien Canet (Toulouse Olypmique) Grade A Punching (EGP available)

Liam Cooper (St Helens) Grade A Kicking (EGP available)


The following players have been issued with a Caution my the Match Review Panel:

Bastien Canet (Toulouse Olympique) Raising knee in tackle